Non-linear system analysis
The bioenergetic analysis- and therapy system
Approved as "Medizinprodukt gemäß EU-Richtlinien I"
Practical work with NILISA.

With a team of scientists, programmers, doctors, naturopaths, all members of the Academy of Holistic Medicine, a next-generation non-linear system has been created, capable of quantum-level tracking of the causes of disease and malfunctioning of the body correct.

Learn the basics and best-practices for practical work with the NILISA system.

Practical work with NILISA Advanced®, part 1:

Practical work with NILISA Advanced®, part 2:

The NILISA therapy belongs - like many other naturopathy practices - in the field of empirical medicine. Because it is not scientifically provable,it won't be accepted by the ruling doctrine of conventional medicine. All statements made about the effects, properties, and indications are based on the knowledge and experience of NILISA therapy.

NILISA for you:
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