Non-linear system analysis
The bioenergetic analysis- and therapy system
Approved as "Medizinprodukt gemäß EU-Richtlinien I"
"Diagnostic therapeutical revolution of the 21st century!"
Prof. Dr. med. Kai Börnert, Facharzt für Orthopädie
"Recognizing the awareness of inner values"
Dipl.-Psych. Günter Haffelder, brain- and communication researcher.
"'The health starts in the mouth' - Information-medicine as a way. "
Dr. med. dent. Helmut Friedrich, dentist
"Excellent medical book of biophysical and informative connections related to the physical reality."
Viktor Zyganow, Complementary physician.
NILISA allows you to detect abnormal changes in a very early stage - long before the appearance of first symptoms.


The NILISA system was developed in over 20 years of research in the field of biophysical medicine and therapy in Russia.

What is NILISA?

NILISA therapy

The so-called "non-linear systems analysis" has been used for years and provides a tool for further analysis and bioenergetic therapy.

The NILISA system

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The NILISA therapy belongs - like many other naturopathy practices - in the field of empirical medicine. Because it is not scientifically provable,it won't be accepted by the ruling doctrine of conventional medicine. All statements made about the effects, properties, and indications are based on the knowledge and experience of NILISA therapy.

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