Non-linear system analysis
The bioenergetic analysis- and therapy system
Approved as "Medizinprodukt gemäß EU-Richtlinien I"
The comprehensive manual for the NILISA system.

Ever since there have been systems for non-linear system analyses, the users of these systems have wanted a roadmap on how to efficiently arrive at a usable result. The goal is a correct analysis and the resulting energetic balancing. But how can this goal be achieved as efficiently as possible? Should all images (objects) available in the database be rated? Or would it be enough to first look at just a few overview images in order to then decide for yourself whether to carry out a more detailed investigation? What images should be used for balancing? What information should be transmitted directly?

You will find an answer to all these questions in our work "Textbook on Non-Linear System Analysis". This is not just about theoretical knowledge. The mathematician may be most interested in the formula behind the statistical calculations, while the analyst is most interested in the significance. "How likely is the measured process to match the specified process from the database?". And the practitioner wants a result that he can translate into therapeutic recommendations that lead to the improvement of his client's problem.

What do these NLS systems show us? They show us the current energetic state (status quo) of organs, structures, tissues and cells up to cell structures. The trick is to use these symptoms to identify the acute and chronic cause. For this we need a roadmap, which is described in detail in this work. On the one hand you will find a very simple way for the new user, a way for the apprentice (therapist) and, to top it off, a way for the master (professional).

In this textbook they are carried out step by step both theoretically and practically. Connections are explained to you, just how to connect expert system 1 (spectral pattern) with expert system 2 (entropy points) to each other.

Below we have put together a small excerpt from our book for you to download as an overview.

Download excerpt from "Nilisa Quantum-Medicine Textbook" (PDF)

The NILISA therapy belongs - like many other naturopathy practices - in the field of empirical medicine. Because it is not scientifically provable,it won't be accepted by the ruling doctrine of conventional medicine. All statements made about the effects, properties, and indications are based on the knowledge and experience of NILISA therapy.

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