Non-linear system analysis
The bioenergetic analysis- and therapy system
Approved as "Medizinprodukt gemäß EU-Richtlinien I"
The main concern of our partner academy - the Academy of holistic medicine - is to offer the therapist a very funded, comprehensive and holistic education.

Academy of holistic medicine

We want to lead you to the point where you are able to use the immense range of NILISA system in all its facets safely and efficiently, by providing you with a number of precisely matched seminar units that meet the high standards of the Academy of holistic medicine:

At the end of each seminar unit the participant receives a certificate from the Academy of holistic medicine.

The seminars are designed for all users of non-linear and biophysical medical systems and similar systems suitable and not just limited to NILISA. This deepening training is unique worldwide.

Info on currently available events.

Currently we provide the training in German, Russian and English. Dates for other languages gladly on request.

Seminar I: Beginners

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Seminar II: Advanced

Info on currently available events.

Seminar III: Endocrinology and Application Training

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Seminar IV: Laboratory parameters and application training

Info on currently available events.

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The NILISA team is happy to serve you anytime for questions about the system or distribution.

The NILISA therapy belongs - like many other naturopathy practices - in the field of empirical medicine. Because it is not scientifically provable,it won't be accepted by the ruling doctrine of conventional medicine. All statements made about the effects, properties, and indications are based on the knowledge and experience of NILISA therapy.

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