Non-linear system analysis
The bioenergetic analysis- and therapy system
Approved as "Medizinprodukt gemäß EU-Richtlinien I"
Originally developed as a mathematical system for representing quantum processes, NILISA determined within seconds comprehensive information about the biophysical regulatory status of an organism.

NILISA is already being successfully used today for:


NILISA users recommend this method especially for the treatment of chronic diseases, and as supportive biophysical therapy for parasites and heavy metals. Especially the preventory use is very effective.

Other recommended areas of application are:

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The NILISA therapy belongs - like many other naturopathy practices - in the field of empirical medicine. Because it is not scientifically provable,it won't be accepted by the ruling doctrine of conventional medicine. All statements made about the effects, properties, and indications are based on the knowledge and experience of NILISA therapy.

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